We create the very best tar-and-chip surfaces in Cambridgeshire. From planning and surveying to groundwork and installation, our team of specialists do it all.


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    We create the very best tar-and-chip surfaces in Cambridgeshire. From planning and surveying to groundwork and installation, our team of specialists do it all.

    Tar & Chip Surfacing – Cambridgeshire

    For driveways, paths, carparks, patios, and courtyards, SGR Surfacing Ltd is the number-one choice in Cambridgeshire. We have a great deal of experience in all types of surfacing, including tar and chip, which is produced by spreading stone chips over a bed of tar. Although a cost-effective option, tar and chip is a specialism not offered by every contractor.

    At SGR Surfacing, the entire project is carried out by our own team, using our own tools. We believe that by keeping every stage of the process in-house, we can maintain control and accountability. As a customer, you won’t be dealing with unknown contractors who are involved in just one aspect of your driveway or patio. Only SGR staff will be working on your project, and the lines of communication will always be open.

    Benefits of tar and chip
    • High visual impact

    • Low on maintenance

    • Choice of colours

    • Anti-slip

    • Hard wearing

    Quality installations
    • Survey

    • Excavation

    • Edging

    • Hot bitumen liquid tar

    • Application of chips

    Suitable for
    • Driveways

    • Open spaces

    • Farm roads

    • Commercial drives

    • Car parks

    The Process

    Tar-and-chip surfacing has been around for many centuries and is embedded in our architectural history. This finish is particularly suited to heritage properties and listed buildings, although certain styles, such as slate-grey chippings, lend an air of modern chic to a property. So, what better county than Cambridgeshire for a tar-and-chip driveway!

    We begin by preparing the ground; potholes are patched up, and large stones are removed. When we’re happy with the site’s surface, we apply hot bitumen liquid tar and immediately cover the tar with gold pea shingle (smooth pebbles) or grey granite aggregate (chippings). A tar-and-chip surface is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.

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    Further Information

    Tar-bonded surfacing goes by several names, such as tar and chippings, tar and stone, or tar and granite. At SGR Surfacing, we always refer to this surface as tar and chip. Wherever you are in Cambridgeshire, and whatever the size of your project, why not give us a call.

    How we do surface dressing:

    Learn how we apply Tar and Chip

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why choose SGR Surfacing Ltd?

    Choosing SGR Surfacing Ltd to carry out your tar and chip driveway is the perfect choice. We have years of experience laying tar and chip driveways, farm roads and large open spaces. View our gallery of recent works.

    What is tar and chip?

    Tar and Chip is the process of laying small aggregate (chips) onto hot tar. This is a very quick and affordable method for driveways, farm roads and large open spaces such as car parks. It usually lasts in excess of 10 years.

    What other names are used for Tar and Chip?

    Tar and Chip is known by a few different terms including: tar and stone, tar and chippings, tar and granite, seal chip and chip and seal.