Resin-bound surfacing is quickly becoming the most popular choice for driveways, patios, and pathways.


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    Resin-bound surfacing is quickly becoming the most popular choice for driveways, patios, and pathways.

    Resin Bound Surfacing – Cambridge

    Resin-bound driveways, carparks, and pathways are becoming a popular choice for householders and businesses who want an outdoor surface that’s low maintenance, hard-wearing, and non-slip.

    And they want it to look fantastic!

    Our team of experts at SGR Surfacing Ltd, here in Cambridgeshire, always carry out a thorough survey of the site to ensure that good provision is made for drainage and for access to utility conduits. We use only BBA-approved products in all resin-bound installations – and, to prevent fading over time, our resins are fully UV resistant.

    Benefits of resin bound
    • High visual impact

    • Low on maintenance

    • Surface is porous

    • Anti-slip

    • Hard wearing

    Quality installations
    • Survey

    • Excavation

    • Edging

    • Sub base

    • Application

    Suitable for
    • Driveways

    • Paths

    • Patios

    • Open spaces

    • Small car parks

    The Process

    The whole project is carried out by SGR Surfacing. We don’t involve other contractors, so you can be assured that whatever’s happening on site, we’re in control. The groundwork is a vital stage of the process, and we don’t cut corners. For new resin-bound applications, we’ll structure a sub-base (usually 14mm of permeable, open-texture tarmac), but in cases where resin could be applied over an existing surface, we’ll explore the possibilities of creating an economical solution for you by transforming what you already have.

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    Further Information

    Benefits of resin driveways, paths & patios

    When it comes to creating resin-bound outdoor surfaces in Cambridgeshire, you can’t beat SGR Surfacing. There are loads of benefits to having a resin driveway or patio:

    No planning permission – The eco-friendly resin surface is SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) compliant and requires no dedicated drainage system. The permeable, anti-slip gravel allows water to drain away, preventing hazardous surface water from accumulating.

    Wheelchair friendly – The hard, smooth, and seamless surface of resin bound is perfect for manoeuvring wheelchairs. This hard-wearing surface can also be applied to wheelchair ramps, enhancing the sleek, modern look of your new driveway or patio.

    Bespoke finish – Choose from around 24 natural aggregates and a variety of colours for a truly bespoke surface. Make a statement with patterns and layout (which we can advise you on) and enjoy a totally unique finish.

    Minimal maintenance – Your resin-bound surface is incredibly easy to maintain. All you’ll need to do is give it a power wash once a year. And that’s it!

    Natural look – All colours look completely natural, because we use 100% natural aggregates in our resins.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why choose SGR Surfacing Ltd?

    Every member of the SGR team has a lot of experience in laying resin-bound surfaces. We involve no outside contractors but carry out the whole project in-house, maintaining control and accountability. Our reputation is built on consistently high standards and attention to detail.  View our gallery for some of our latest projects.

    What is resin bound?

    Resin-bound surfaces are made up of natural aggregates – including sandstone, limestone, basalt, and granite – combined with clear resin. We hand-trowel the mixture into position to a depth of at least 18mm. Because of a wide variety in colour and size, resin bound provides opportunity for a unique look, making this surface an extremely popular choice.

    What’s the difference between resin bound and resin bond?

    Because a resin-bound surface is made from a mixture of aggregate and resin, the surface is smooth and compact, with no loose stone. Resin bond, on the other hand, is made by spreading aggregate onto a layer of resin, and when the resin has dried, surplus stones are swept away. The aggregate layer is just one stone deep.